Youva Raj Tyagi

( Director Scientific Education )

Dr. Sandeep Marwah, is a true example of Values & Dedication .He is an International distinguished and recognized expert and a leading researcher , with the credit of successful commercialization to create revolutionary , cost-effective , different technological systems, including environmentally friendly solutions, and enjoys a high-profile, multifaceted career marked by several valuable patents, and more than 60 publications in Internationally recognized Journals, and worldwide presentations, he is a man of true values and regards his roots.

He is a recipient of several national & international awards. He has driven profitability and revenue growth by commercializing products on global scale, leading to cost efficiency and quality improvements in sustainable technological projects and green solutions

He is an accomplished business executive and a team leader with the ability to recruit, mentor and develop scientists, research technicians, and other interdisciplinary staff to bring new insights into R&D and production systems.

He is the recipient of 700 awards from all over the world for his contribution to Film, Television, Media & Higher Education, inclusive of 170 International Accolades. He has been heading more than 100 National & International Media & Social Organizations. He has been awarded the title of “GLOBAL CULTURAL MINISTER" .He is the President of the "iCMEi - International Chamber of Media & Entertainment Industry''.
As per International experts and their established norms and standards, it is accepted that Dr. Youva Raj Tyagi, stands 1st in the world in terms of total quantifiable achievements in the zone of immobilization, solidification.